Juli 21, 2024

Inside Chessable

Chessable founder David Kramaley believes in “better jobs, better working conditions, better pay”. (photo: Chessable)

How is work at Chessable, the biggest company in the Play Magnus Group? Stefan Löffler reports.

Barcelona is one of the hippest cities in Europe, and it doesn’t get much cooler than the corner of Passeig de Gracia and Avinguda Diagonal. It’s where Chessable has its heardquarters for 35 employees. “I just love this place. I feel good about working here every day”, says Myriam Ben Farhat. She started out at Chessable as a business coach for the company’s founder David Kramaley. She went on to coach other senior managers of the Play Magnus Group and is now Vice President of Culture and People. Her job title reflects on the importance given to job satisfaction at the only stock-listed chess firm in the world. It is also in line with a pledge made by Kramaley for “better jobs, better working conditions, better pay.”

Ben Farhat belongs to the growing number of employees who are working for several companies of the group at the same time. Chessable, the pioneer publisher of interactive chess courses, is highly profitable and has been driving the growth of the Play Magnus Group ever since it was acquired in August 2019. Writers and coaches who adapt or develop courses are praising Chessable for passing on to them a higher percentage of the sales than the competition. And the door for freelancers is open, as this recent contest for Spanish language content creators suggests.