Juli 24, 2024

Nakamura Wins Titled Tuesday On Tiebreak

GM Hikaru Nakamura added yet another Titled Tuesday title to his long resume. The American grandmaster edged out four other players on tiebreak.

The December 1 Titled Tuesday tournament had a total of 727 participants. It was an 11-round Swiss with a 3+1 time control.

Nakamura had a nice warm-up game in the first round, where he scored a crushing win with the black pieces in a Modern/King’s Indian opening.

One of the most interesting games in the tournament was the clash in round seven between GM Baadur Jobava (@exoticprincess) and GM Dmitry Andreikin (@FairChess_On_YouTube). The latter focused fully on attacking the kingside after Jobava had weakened his structure there. The tactics, all the way into the endgame, are very rich.