April 23, 2024

Russischer Verband: ELISABETH PAEHTZ – Person des Tages – 08.01.2020

Der „Russische Verband“ hat sich alle Mühe gegeben die schachlichen Qualitäten von Elisabet Paehtz in den letzten Jahrzehnten aufzuzählen, obwohl Elisabeth keine Russin ist, aber oft genug ihre Liebe zu Russland unter Beweis gestellt hat. Elisabeth Paehtz als „Person des Tages“ zu bezeichnen, ist eine große Wertschätzung für Deutschlands beste Schachspielerin. 

ELISABETH PAEHTZ (by Patricia Claros Aguilar)

Elisabeth was born into the family of Thomas Paehtz – one of the strongest grandmasters in East Germany. Training with her father, the young chess player quickly became the best in her homeland, took second places in juniors’ world championships, losing only to Alexandra Kosteniuk and Zhao Xue. Her first European zonal tournament in 1998 brought Paehtz 5th place and the title of grandmaster. In 1999, fourteen year-old Lisa became the national champion among adults. Starting with the Elista Olympiad in 1998, Elisabeth Paehtz represents her country in the tournament of nations.

In 1999, the German champion was one of the four advisors in the Kasparov vs Rest of the World match and played two exhibition matches against the 30th world champion. Kasparov recognised the girl’s talent and helped her to find sponsors for subsequent training. Paehtz won the U18s world championship in 2002 and the U20s world championship two years later, also becoming a male. international master

At the 2001 world championship, she became one of the main newsmakers, knocking out Iweta Rajlich and the Chinese player Wang Pin. The next knockout for the German was purely Chinese: she knocked out Wang Ping and defeated Zhao Xue, but lost to Xu Yuhua. In 2005, Elisabeth became the two-time world champion among juniors.

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