Mai 18, 2024

Candidates Round 8: Gukesh Back in the Co-Lead As Lei Beats Tan

Gukesh defeated Vidit to join Nepomniachtchi in the lead, while Lei’s win over Tan opens a three-way tie for first

After round 7, one could imagine a scenario where Nepomniachtchi and Tan solidify their lead and maintain it till the end of the tournament. Round 8, though, flipped the script completely. Gukesh bounced back brilliantly after his round 7 loss and joined Nepomniachtchi in the lead once again, while in the Women’s section, Lei defeated Tan to open a three-way tie for first. In close pursuit to the leaders in the Open section are Nakamura, after today’s victory against Caruana, and Praggnanandhaa; in the women’s, Lagno is just half a point behind the leaders. As the tournament progresses, the excitement will build further and more spectacular chess will be played before two challengers in the Open and Women’s get crowned.

As well as broadcasting the live games from the two tournaments, Lichess is providing a live stream for every day of the Candidates. Make sure to tune in to our Twitch or YouTube channels, with streams starting from 14:15 Toronto time (18:15 UTC).

*We’re also providing daily annotations on some of the games from GM Brandon Jacobson and IM / WGM Padmini Rout. The full study can be found here.

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