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                                            #ETCC 2019

         After intense finish of the event in  Team of England tied for the second  After narrow victory over Armenia,
         Open section, Russia took narrow   place with Ukraine, but eventually  team of Azerbaijan took bronze
         2.5-1.5 victory over Poland, and   came third and took bronze.        medals scoring 14 match points.
         became the sole Winner with score
         of 15 match points.                Russian Women team convincingly
         Ukraine, who tied for the top with  won in the Women’s section, and   European Team Chess
         Russians after round 8, played a   maintained the leadership from the  Championship 2019 took place from
         draw in a match against Croatia, and  very beginning of the Championship.  23rd October-3rd November, in
         thanks to the tiebreaks took silver  With a sound victory against Turkey,  Hotel Sheraton, Batumi, Georgia.
         medals.                            Russian ladies scored 16 match
                                            points, and successfully defended  The event participated 72 teams,
                                            the title of European Team Chess   coming from 40 European
                                            Champion from 2017.                federations.

                                            Second place came to team of       The first three teams in open and
                                            Georgia with 15 match points, who  women’s sections received cup and
                                            was running-up after the Russians  prize money of 32.000 EUR in total.
                                            for the whole tournament.          Also, the cups, medals and money
                                                                               prizes were awarded to the best
                                                                               players per boards.

                                                  Closing ceremony of the event

                                                  Closing ceremony of the event took place on 2nd of
                                                  November in the evening. The closing ceremony
                                                  was attended by President of European Chess
                                                  Union, Mr. Zurab Azmaiparashvili, who addressed
                                                  the teams, and officially declared the event closed.

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