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November Calendar...

                                            After a tense October with the European Team Chess Championships
                                            and ECU annual meetings, November follows even more promising...

                                            A. Oslo and Stockholm host on 5th and 6th of November the first B2B
                                            marketing presentations for Chess in Schools programs!

                                            B. Montenegro hosts from 9th to 17th November the European Open
                                            & Women Clup Cup with more than 80 teams!

                                            C. Monaco hosts from 28th of November to 2nd December the
                                            European Women Rapid & Blitz Championship with about 100
                                            players among them the top European players!

                                            D. The "European Golden Pawn" Award Ceremony will take place
                                            on 30th of November in Monte Carlo, honouring and bringing together
         European Chess Union has its seat in Switzerland,  our Chess legends.
         Address: Rainweidstrasse 2, CH-6333, Hunenberg
         See, Switzerland
         European Chess Union is an independent  E. The 7th London Chess Conference takes place on 30th
         association founded in 1985 in Graz, Austria;  November and 1st December with main theme 'Chess and Female
         European Chess Union has 54 National Federation
         Members; Every year ECU organizes more than 20  Empowerment"
         prestigious events and championships.
                                            Stay tuned following and the new released ECU Mobile APP!


         03      ETCC 2019                  13      FIDE Grand Swiss                   Meeting chess legends
                                                    FIDE Grand Swiss 18
                  European Team Chess
                                                                                       Meet Balashov Yuri!
                  Championship 2019 Final           Tournament final report            10 questions by Adrian
                  report                                                               Mikhalchishin
         07      ECU Board and GA           14      Future Champions of        20      Invitations
                  Communique of the ECU
                                                    Europe and International
                                                                                       European School Internet
                  Board Meeting and General         Youth Chess Challenge              Team and European School
                  Assembly                                                             Chess Championships
         12      Golden Pawn                15      Arbiters Corner            22      Upcoming
                                                    Appointment system for
                  European Golden Pawn
                                                                                       Fun zone
                  Award Ceremony                    arbiters for ECU Events,
                                                    Tomasz Delega

                                                 Newsletter October 2019
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