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         After 11 played rounds at FIDE Grand Swiss
         tournament, Wang Hao (CHN,
         2726) became the Winner of the
         event and qualified for the next
         World Candidates Tournament in

         Wang Hao (CHN, 2726) defeated
         Howell David W L (ENG, 2694) in
         the last round to join Fabiano
         Caruana (USA, 2812) in the lead
         for the 1st place, since both
         scored 8 points each. According
         to tiebreaks, the triumph in the
         last round brought a victory to
         Wang Hao, while Fabiano
         Caruana finished on the second
         place.                             The event was played in 11
         Six players tied for the third     rounds, Swiss system, with time
         place, each with 7.5 points:       control: 100 minutes for the first
         Alekseenko Kirill (2674), Aronian  40 moves followed by 50 minutes
         Levon (ARM, 2758), Anton           for the next 20 moves followed
         Guijarro David (ESP, 2674),        by 15 minutes for the rest of the
         Carlsen Magnus (NOR, 2876),        game, with an increment of 30
         Nakamura Hikaru (USA, 2845)        seconds per move starting from
         and Vitiugov Nikita (RUS, 2732).   move 1.

                                            Official Website of the event

                                                                                     FIDE CHESS.COM
                                                                                     GRAND SWISS

                                                                                     Grand Swiss
                                                                                     tournament 2019 took
                                                                                     place from 10th-21st
                                                                                     October at the Comis
                                                                                     Hotel and Golf
                                                                                     Resort, in Isle of Man,
                                                                                     with a total prize fund
                                                                                     of 432.500 USD.

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