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         Eurepean Golden Pawn
         award ceremony will be
         organised for the first time
         this year and takes place on
         30th November, in Monaco.

         European Golden Pawn brings
         together the best representatives of
         the European Chess World.
         It will become a tradition, and will be
         held every year on the last Saturday
         of November in Monaco (Monte-

         The first year of the award ceremony
         will be dedicated to European
         legends and their achievements.
         The honorary award ceremony will
         include special nominations
         categories that will be developed in
         the subsquent years.

          The European Golden Pawn
         ceremony takes place in Salle      The European Golden Pawn
         Empire venue of Hotel de Paris in  ceremony includes the welcome
         Monte-Carlo.                       reception, special photo corner,
                                            black and white dress-code, special
         Special prizes designed by famous  performances by Juga, NuArt, -
         Georigan designer Zviad Tsikolia will  Nikoloz Rachveli- author of the ECU
         be awarded to the best European:   anthem, a game between two chess
         Chess editor, chess journalist, chess  legends: Nona Gaprindashvili and
         organizer, chess project, Arbiter,  Garry Kasparov, the main awarding
         Pioneer of chess development in    part and a special gala dinner. The
         schools, youngest World Chess      ceremony will be hosted by Maurice
         Champion of all time from Europe,  Asley and Helen Kalandadze.
         female chess legend and male
         chess legend.

                                             European Golden Pawn WINNERS
           About the ceremony
                                             The Winners of the prizes are:
                                             The best European book (fiction):  The best European Arbiter:
           The European                      "Chess" written by Ruben David    Geurt Gijssen
                                             Gonzales Gallego                  The best European Pioneer of Chess
           Golden Pawn                       The best European movie:          Development in Schools:
                                             "The chess game", 1944 (Denis Lavant,  Alexander Kostyev
           ceremony takes                    Pierre Richard, Catherine Deneuve)  The youngest World Chess Champion
           place in Salle                    The best European Chess Magazine:  of all time: Maya Chiburdanidze
                                             "New in chess"                    Lifetime achievement:
           Empire venue of                   The best European Chess Journalist:  Nona Gaprindashvili
                                             Leontxo Garcia                    European Chess Legend (female):
           Hotel de Paris in                 The best European Chess Organizer:  Judit Polgar
           Monte-Carlo.                      Bessel Kok                        European Chess Legend (male):
                                                                               Garry Kasparov
                                             The best European Chess Project:
                                             Frederik Friedel

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