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                                                                               ECU CIRCULAR LETTER NO.2/2019 -
         ECU Board reported to the General  European Championships – Meetings  Communique of the ECU Board meeting
         Assembly and presented the new                                        and ECU General Assembly can be
         projects developed the last 10 months  >The European School Chess     downloaded here.
         (Annex_2).                         Championship 2021 awarded to Duress,
         The decisions of the meeting:      >The option of the European Women
                                            Chess Championship 2022 and
         > The ECU budget 2020 was          European Youth Chess Championship
         unanimously approved.              2023 is awarded to Montenegro Chess
         >The Accounts for the year 2018 was  Federation.
         unanimously accepted and the Board  >The ECU General Assembly approved
         discharged                         the proposal of the ECU Board to         ECU GENERAL
         The proposed amendments and        organize the ceremonial ECU General      ASSEMBLY 2019
         additions in the ECU regulations were  Assembly 2020 (for the 35 years from  The European Chess Union
         accepted with main changes:        the ECU establishment) in Monaco
         A. The Selection of the Arbiters for the  combined with the European Golden  General Assembly meeting
         ECU Championships                  Pawn Awarding Ceremony.                  took place on the 26th of
         B. The Guidelines for Accommodation,                                        October with the
                                                                                     representation of 37
         Transportation for ECU Competitions  Proposals for the new FIDE Charter
                                                                                     federations members. The
         C. The Guidelines for Food & Beverages  FIDE informed ECU about the new draft  meeting was held under
         for ECU Competitions (Annex_4)     (Annex 5) prepared by the FIDE           excellent conditions in the
         D. The minimum requirements for live  Constitutional Commission for the new  hotel Batumi Hilton during
         games and the live studio for ECU  FIDE Charter. European Chess             the European Team Chess
         Competitions.                      Federations may send their notices       Championship 2019.
                                            direct to FIDE or through ECU.

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