Juli 18, 2024

Talent training camp and FIDE Trainer course in Italy in June!

Liebe Schachfreundinnen und -freunde,

alles was IM Jesper Hall anpackt, funktioniert! Zudem ist er einfach ein feiner Mensch.

Er bietet ein Talenttraining sowie einen Fide-Trainerkurs in Italien an. Sprache des Trainerkurses ist Englisch.


Dear all,
On June 20 – 26, „The Level Up Talent Program“ from Offerspill is organizing a chess camp at Lake Maggiore, Arona, in Piedmont, Italy. (Arrival day June 20, departure day June 26) The camp is open to all talents, and we offer training in different groups and levels with some of the world’s top coaches, such as GM Ramesh RB, GM Lexy Ortega, IM Pierluigi Piscopo, IM Jesper Hall and Sebastiano Pauleso. (Since it is Offerspill that organizes the camp, it may also be that „we get a really famous visit“, but that remains to be seen …).

We live and train in a four-star hotel, right on the beach, and as always we strive for the best possible training combined with having fun together and enjoying Italy’s nature, culture and food.

In addition, Ramesh RB and Jesper Hall will lead a FIDE Coaching Course on June 18-20 that gives participants the chance to gain international coaching titles. Here you can read more about both events: https://www.alfierebianco.com/camp2024/ 

I hope that you who receive the email are interested in participating, but you are also welcome to forward it to those who you think might be interested.


Jesper Hall


  Jesper Hall
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