Februar 25, 2024

Magnus Carlsen And Christian Pulisic Talk About Similarities In Football And Chess

Herzogenaurach, July 13th, 2023 – Global Sports company PUMA announces a collaboration between five-time World Chess Campion Magnus Carlsen and professional football player Christian Pulisic. Two sport icons came together on a football pitch to have a conversation about the differences and similarities between chess and football.
What can a football athlete and a chess player teach one another? The conversation between Magnus and Christian only shows that there are plenty of things that are relevant for both disciplines. “I am an attacking player who likes to be creative and to put defenders on their back foot. I like to be very aggressive and direct towards goals, so that’s really my style,” said Pulisic. When playing football or chess, it is important to avoid critical errors, think strategically, and make decisions quickly. “In chess, I am pretty universal, but definitely leaning towards positional rather than tactical play,” said Carlsen.
Discover what further analogies and insights Magnus Carlsen and Christian Pulisic have found during their conversation and how it is about for them to have a special signature PUMA shoe in the full video on PUMA’s official YouTube channel at: LINK.
Additionally, a collection of relevant photos from their interaction can be found HERE.
As the next step in the chess world, PUMA has partnered with Chess.com and Christian Pulisic once again to launch a Christian Pulisic chess bot. The Pulisic chess bot is an AI bot modeled after professional football player and global PUMA ambassador, Christian Pulisic. On July 13th, chess enthusiasts from around the globe will have the opportunity to test their skills and play a game against Pulisic. Fans can register for free on Chess.com and play Christian Pulisic from July 13th on the site’s “Play Computer” page, or at https://www.chess.com/play/computer?bot=christian-pulisic.