April 24, 2024

Mädchen- und Frauenschachwochenende der ECU am 25. und 26. Februar

Das Mädchen- und Frauenschachwochende der ECU wird fortgeführt und zwar am 25. und 26. Februar. Es gibt ein Mannschaftsturnier, ein Einzelturnier und Online-Seminare. Die Amtssprache ist Englisch. Danke an Lilli Hahn für die Organisation des Events! 
Dear All,
It’s been nearly two years since we hosted our first successful European Girls’ and Women’s Chess Weekend. Whereas many of us reduced the number of games we play online since, we still believe that online chess offers a great addition to OTB chess.
Commission For Women’s Chess therefore decided it is time to revive the event and organize the 2nd Edition of the European Girls’ and Women’s Chess Weekend.
Short overview of the event
What: The event will consist of a Team Battle, a rapid tournament and online seminars
When: 25. – 26.02.2023
Where: Online
Further Infos:
Prizes: During the event there will be several prizes to win for participants, such as individual and group coaching session with top female chess players
Additional information about the seminars will be published on the website over the course of the next few weeks:
We would like to draw your attention to “Free Online Motivation Training with GM Elina Danielian”:
We hope that many of the federations will participate in this event. This is a great opportunity to create events specifically for women,
make females in the chess society visible and create the opportunity for female players from your federation to meet and play against females from all over Europe.
Please also feel free to use the attached poster for advertising purposes, if wanted.
Best wishes,