Juli 21, 2024

Nakamura Too Strong For Fedoseev In Speed Chess Match

GM Hikaru Nakamura (@Hikaru) defeated GM Vladimir Fedoseev (@Bigfish1995) 21.5-5.5 in Thursday’s last quarterfinal of the Speed Chess Championship. Nakamura, who started the match with an incredible 9-0, will now face GM Wesley So (@GMWSO) in the semifinals.

How to watch?
The semifinals of the Speed Chess Championship Main Event will be held Dec. 11-13. The games are played on the Chess.com live server. They are also available on our platform for watching live games at Chess.com/events and on our apps under „Watch.“ Expert commentary can be enjoyed at Chess.com/tv.

The live broadcast of the match saw two back-to-back matches. Nakamura-Fedoseev starts at 04:16:05.

The Nakamura-Fedoseev match was a repeat of the final of the Super Swiss, our one-day qualifier to the Speed Chess Championship in early October. Nakamura won 7.5-5.5 back then and Fedoseev became the qualifier because the winner was already seeded into the SCC as the reigning champion.

In Titled Tuesdays, Nakamura scored 5-3 vs. Fedoseev between May and September of this year. All in all, he was the favorite but not by the huge margin that came on the scoreboard. He was in brilliant shape, while Fedoseev was not having his day.