Juni 25, 2024

A tribute to our seniors

Last week FIDE announced the names of ten chess seniors who will benefit from FIDE’s support to chess veterans. A total of €21.000 will be distributed among them, added to the €35,000 that has already been distributed in April 2020. This second package of financial aid raises the total to a record €56.000.

As we did on previous occasions, we would pay tribute to these illustrious veterans with a few words about each one of them, summarizing their careers and achievements:

Some players have an opening named after them, but only a few legends had a term coined to describe their personal style. Michael Basman enjoys the status of a chess guru in the English chess scene and has attracted a small band of followers, the “Basmaniacs”. A true iconoclast, Basman is known for his extravagant opening choices, often starting the games with 1.h3 and 2.a3, but also with 1.g4, with White, and 1…g5, with Black.