Juni 25, 2024

Schachfestival Innsbruck 2020 geht online vor Giorgio Events

Liebe Schachspielerinnen und Schachspieler, liebe Teilnehmerinnen und Teilnehmer des 4. Internationalen Schachfestivals Innsbruck:

Wir freuen uns, Ihnen mitteilen zu können, dass wir drei Online-Schachturniere organisieren. Die Gewinner der Online-Turniere erhalten eine kostenlose Unterkunft in Innsbruck und laden zur SILLPARK Blitz-Trophäe sowie 100 € Startgeld als Preis ein.

Die Online-Turniere werden in der FIDE-Online-Arena ausgetragen. Turnier-Link:


Die FIDE Online Arena ist die exklusive offizielle Online-Schachspiel-Plattform, die offizielle FIDE-Online-Ratings und Titel vergibt. Sie veranstaltet 24 Stunden am Tag bewertete Turniere und Partien. Die Plattform betreibt eine fortschrittliche Fairplay-Engine. Spielen Sie offizielle Partien in der Arena (http://arena.myfide.net/).

Regulations for Innsbruck Blitz Trophy Online Tour at FIDE Online Arena

1. Concept
1.1. The Project is the series of online tournaments held on the FIDE Online Arena (https://arena.myfide.net/) in connection with the 4° International Chess Festival Innsbruck.

1.2. Organizer is Giorgio Events e.U., Innrain 42a, A-6020 Innsbruck,Tirol, Austria.

1.3. The Project is open only for players with the FIDE ID.

2. Format
2.1. Time control of the tournaments: 3+2 sec per each move.
2.2. Three online blitz tournaments on the FIDE Online Arena that will take place on Saturdays 8th, 15th, and 22nd August. Each tournament starts at 8:00pm Austrian time zone.
2.3. Each player may participate in as many tournaments as he/she wishes.
2.4. Max number of participants in each tournament is 256. The players may register at a tournament in advance. Once the max number is participants registered, the registration is closed automatically.
2.5. Each tournament is played within 7 rounds.

3. The terms of participation
3.1. Each participant has to register at FIDE Online Arena (https://arena.myfide.net/) with a free World Chess account.
3.2. Each participant has to fill the profile information (name, surname, date of birth, country, and nickname).
3.3. A player who ignored Rules 3.1 and 3.2 can not get any prizes. His / her prizes would not be distributed by the Organiser.
3.4. The Organiser expect fair play and respective attitude from all participants. The Organiser may expel a participant for breaking Paragraph 3.4 of the Rules.

4. Prizes
4.1. The three winners of these 3 online tournaments will be invited to the offline SILLPARK Blitz Trophy Tournament that is held in Innsbruck, the capital city of Tyrol in the Alps of Austria on Saturday, August 29th. The winner can come on Friday, August 28th. with free fees and free accommodation. Accommodation includes a double room with breakfast for one person for two days for Friday and Saturday or one day for two people.
4.2. The Prizes of the online tournaments (free fees and accommodation) are personal only to the winner, non-transferable and non-payable to others persons.
4.3. If a participant already has booked a stay in Austria for the offline tournament, he will get SILLPARK Shopping Voucher Zehner 200€ instead of the accommodation.
4.4. If two or more players scored the same number of points, the first place is mention according to the result table at the FIDE Online Arena.
4.5. All prize-winners will be contacted by the Organiser within 1 (one) week after their wins.
4.6. Players from some countries must meet the visiting rules of Austria. Visitors from some countries may be required to have a negative PCR test to travel to Austria.

5. Questions
5.1 All questions please address to support@worldchess.com with „Innsbruck Blitz Trophy Online Tour“ in the topic.