43rd Ikaros International Chess Tournament 2020

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  1. Franz Jittenmeier sagt:

    Dana Reizniece-Ozola schreibt auf Facebook:

    Amazing chess tournament in Ikaria!
    43 Ikaros International Chess Tournament is a legendary one. Some of the chess players continue coming back here even after more that 20 years. And I do understand why. Not only the Greek island Ikaria is marvellous with its stress-free environment, healthy food and wild beaches, but the organizers take care of you like hardly everywhere.
    This was a special year while many tournaments were cancelled due to COVID-19, and it has been very brave by organizers to risk and not cancel the event. And I must say, they did a very good job. Precautious measures with keeping distances, using masks, regular disinfection, temperature control, perfect ventilation etc. made players feel safe.
    Warm congratulations to Vasilios Kotronias for holding a victory! Me myself- not the very best tournament while still having the best result among ladies.