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Venue of play: 5-Star Fairmont HotelThe FIDE World Chess Cup, an integral part of the World Championship Cycle 2014-2016, is starting in no more than a day.

The long waited event will take place from September 10 – October 5, 2015, at the Grand Ballroom of Fairmont Baku Hotel*****, in Azerbaijani capital Baku.

There shall be six (6) rounds of matches comprising two (2) games per round, with the winners progressing to the next round, plus the final seventh (7th) round comprising of four (4) games.

World #3 Veselin Topalov (2816) heads the strong field of 128 players, including #4 Hikaru Nakamura (2814), #5Fabiano Caruana (2808), #6 Anish Giri (2793), Liren Ding (2782), Vladimir Kramnik (2777), Wesley So (2773), Alexander Grischuk (2771), Levon Aronian (2765), Sergey Karjakin (2762).

You can see Round 1 pairings and tournament scheme below… More

The Bilbao Chess Final Masters 2015 will take place 26 October until 1 November in Bilbao, Spain. The Dutchman of Russian origin, Anish Giri (21 years old and  Bilbaio-Chess-2015ranked sixth internationally), the Chinese man Liren Ding (22 years old and ranked seventh) and the American of Philippine origin, Wesley So (21 years old and tenth in the classification) are the new blood of the world chess elite. Opposite them on the other side of the chess board and providing an exciting intergenerational clash, the veteran five times world champion and defending tournament champion, Viswanathan Anand, 45, from India. These four players comprise the attractive line up for the latest and eighth edition of the Bilbao Grand Slam Masters Final presented today in the capital of Biscay.

The tournament, one of the main events on the international calendar, will take place in the Campos Elíseos Theatre from 26 October until 1 November, coinciding partially with the VI Individual Ibero-American Championship. The latter event will last another two days until 3 November and will involve up to 200 players. This double sporting event, referred to as Bilbao Chess 2015, will once again convert the capital of Biscay into the capital of world chess.
Viswanathan Anand, the five times world champion and defending champion, was the winner of the last edition of the Masters Final which, under the title Bilbao Chess 2014, took place at the same time as the chess European Club Cup.

Replay Bilbao Chess 2014 games

This year’s edition of the Grand Slam Final will be held in its headquarters in Bilbao and will be played with all players facing each other over two rounds. In accordance with revolutionary rules which differentiate the Bilbao tournament from other international tournaments, a spectacle will be guaranteed in every game: the so-called “Sofia Rule” will again be applied, establishing that only the referee will have the power to determine whether a game is drawn or not, thus avoiding pacts between players. On top of this, a scoring system similar to football will also return, awarding three points for a win, one for a draw and no points for a defeat. This system was used for the first time in an elite tournament in the 2008 Bilbao Masters Final and is known as the “Bilbao Rule”… More

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