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One Swiss open representative for many?

Preface: This article was initially published in German almost a year ago before the 2014 edition of this event in Maastricht – southeastern corner of the Netherlands, very close to Germany, Belgium and also northern France. But the story is rather timeless. The current version is edited and updated here and there – also a little bit on the tournament in 2014 and a preview on 2015. The idea, discussed with one of the organizers, is also to motivate people to play in Maastricht during the Whit Sunday weekend. When is the right moment to (re-)publish this story? Maybe now, with about two months to go and the top of the field probably largely defined. Most participants come from the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany, but anyone is welcome (titled players would need to contact the organizers on whether conditions are still available). And now … I copied the German text into the editor and will start to translate, change, delete, add, ….. .

It might be inappropriate or “at the limit” to put one open tournament into the spotlights – hence a disclaimer at the very start: this article is representative for many more or less comparable tournaments in many places. The idea developed in an unusual way:

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